DSTT! - Do Same Things Together

We were sitting in the office discussing some sort of bizarre Asian trend of watching random people having their diners online in real time. And that’s where we were struck with an idea of blending in this “random people doing same things” with kind of Tinder-like idea but with real-time live video content instead of static photos. Apparently, this idea seemed blurry and needed a proof or at least some traction in order to get going. So we were going through our clients and our friends and pitching the idea to them, and a lot of people seemed excited about it. That’s where we took it seriously and started brainstorming on possible directions of where the whole app could go. We blended in inputs from various teams across our company, and started developing what was later called DSTT – Do Same Things Together. The whole idea is simple – introverted people are sometimes too shy to just go out and communicate, yet everyone has a need for belonging and communication (Maslow says so), or the person might just look for a nice company to do a particular activity, like cooking or discussing politics, for example. What the app does is matching these people from across the globe, based on the activities they want to engage in. It is as easy as pie – you just choose a language, then an activity or set of activities from the list and you are all set! You get connected to a random person from all over the world, who is currently using the app under same language and activity preferences. The rest is up to you – you can either skip the person, or add him or her to your list of favorites for further contacts. We really let you do same things together. Regardless of distance and social anxiety.

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