History for Valletta

Valletta was declared European Capital of Culture (ECoC) on the 12th October 2012. Valletta 2018 is developing a brand that will be associated with cultural excellence. The brand will communicate ECoC activities to local and international target audiences. Valletta 2018 believes that investment in cultural infrastructure requires careful planning and consideration to ensure that what is left after the ECoC is what the city and citizens really need and can make long term use of. The approach of Valletta 2018 to culture is inclusive and encompasses artistic expression and creativity, and extends to other forms of human expression such as food, the built environment, science and sporting activities. We have carefully studied the mission statement of the brand and decided to give our input to it by creating an iPad app that allows for a deep dive into Valletta’s rich historical and cultural backgrounds. The app features an interactive photoreal map with an option to travel in time just by scrolling through a timeline and see the actual look of the city in a given period of time. You can also tap on the landmarks and objects on the map in order to receive the detailed description, as well as read stories behind these landmarks.

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